These four articles were written by me at various times during the past 20 years; I am happy to reprint them here on my website.

"Of Pianos and Fortepianos" was written in 2013 for the British piano magazine International Piano. My good friend pianist Stephen Hough was guest editor and asked me to write something; this is the result.

"Fingerings in Urtext Editions", likewise for International Piano, was written in 2008 and questions the value of putting fingerings in so-called urtext editions (they shouldn't be there...)

"Pianos in German Conservatories" is the English translation of an article I wrote in 2005 for the German piano magazine Piano-News, questioning the educational value of an all-Steinway school.

"The 2000 Leeds International Pianoforte Competition: Confessions of a 'Civilian' Juror" was written in 2001 after having been a juror in the competition in 2000. I don't remember that I ever published it, but merely handed it around at lectures and master classes. These are my insights concerning competitions.

Malcolm Bilson